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The Beauty of the Garden: A Horace Day Exhibition

Horace Day was active as a painter in Old Town Alexandria between 1967 and 1984. When in Alexandria, Day’s landscape subjects included the distinctive architecture of Old Town, its gardens, and the rural landscape of the surrounding area. In the studio of the eighteenth century home that he and his wife, Mercer Day, renovated on Market Square, he produced still lifes of wildflowers as they came into season and of other flowers as they became available in Old Town’s historic farmers market directly across the street from his studio.

“The Beauty of the Garden: A Horace Day Exhibition” showcases nine paintings of landscapes and still lifes created by Horace Day during his time in Alexandria, including his painting of the Lee-Fendall garden created around 1976.

This exhibit has been specially extended, and the paintings will be on view until June 22nd at Lee-Fendall.