Top Dogs of Alexandria

Let’s face it: Alexandria has gone to the dogs. Everywhere you look, adorable pups of all shapes and sizes stroll the city streets, enjoying doggy treats or popping into dog boutiques. And if you spend much time in Old Town Alexandria or Del Ray, you’re bound to spot some of VIPs (Very Important Pups) out and about. Who are they? Meet just a few of our favorite tail-wagging celebrities in Alexandria:

Cool Luke from Your Dog’s Best Friends

alexandria-va-celebrity-dogs-cool-lukeImage credit: BCF for Visit Alexandria

Cool Luke is quite the hound about town: he is the chief toy, treat and bed tester for The Dog Store on Mount Vernon Ave. in Del Ray, he helps his owner run the doggy daycare Your Dog’s Best Friends, and he even starred in an ad for Alexandria. Want to meet this celebrity dog (and maybe even get his autograph)? Head to Doggy Yappy Hour at Hotel Monaco or 1st Thursdays in Del Ray, where Cool Luke loves entertaining passersby.


Asher at Principle Gallery


Image credit: Visit Alexandria 

As the concierge for Principle Gallery in Old Town, Asher ushers visitors into the space with his welcoming demeanor. He’s even got his own hashtag, #AsheratPG, where you can follow all of this sweet pup’s art adventures.


Bunny from Bittersweet

dog-and-pet-friendly-Old-Town-Alexandria-bittersweet-pupcakeImage credit: Jody Manor

Bittersweet Café is an Old Town staple, and so is Bunny, greeter dog and patron saint of the eatery’s ever-pupular pupcakes. Find her on the bench out front at Bittersweet around lunch time; here she is on the left, licking her lips after her afternoon treat.


Scottie Dogs in the Scottish Walk

old-town-alexandria-scottish-christmas-walk-parade-scottie-dogsImage credit: R. Kennedy for Visit Alexandria

Alexandria’s Scottish Christmas Walk Parade is a crowd-pleaser for many reasons, but we all know the Scottie dogs proudly wearing their tartans as they march through Old Town might just be the best part.


Lucy, Washingtonian’s Cutest Pet

alexandria-va-celebrity-dogs-lucy-washingtonianImage via

Out of 200 applicants for Washingtonian magazine’s Cutest Pet contest, Lucy was the 2015 winner. This Bernese Mountain dog hails from Old Town, likes long walks along the Potomac and enjoys Puppy Pops from Dairy Godmother in Del Ray. Saxby, a little French bulldog, is her best friend.


Prince, Charming Old Town

alexandria-va-celebrity-dogs-prince-old-townImage credit: Bethany Harrington

You might have seen this beautiful collie roaming Alexandria, or spotted him on his popular Instagram account, @OldTownPrince. Now that Prince is a “senior” at 8 years old, Old Town is the perfect place to live out his retirement.


For more information about dog-friendly Alexandria, click here, or see our hounds about town in action here.


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