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Shop Made in VA

01 | 07

DEDICATION TO GROWING MAKERS – It’s no secret that Virginia is home to hundreds of creatives who design, craft, roast, stitch, bake, weld, brew and build amazing products–and now there is a retail initiative dedicated to helping them grow. This modern-day incubator is a platform for creativity–enabling ideas, products, and people to converge and drive traffic to neighborhoods while creating low entry-to-market opportunities for Virginia-based makers and small retailers.

Founded by Stacey Price of People Make Place and Michael Babin of Neighborhood Restaurant Group, Shop Made in Virginia is dedicated to showcasing the talents of VA-based designers, artists, and makers. Shop Made in VA is the first sister store to Shop Made in DC, which launched in 2017 and has become synonymous with quality products, supporting the local economy, and growing the DC creative community. Shop Made in DC has 5 locations in Washington, DC featuring over 300 local DC makers.