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Port City Brewing Co.’s Virtual Brewery Tour

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Welcome to Port City Brewing Company’s latest interactive experience; a virtual brewery tour and guided beer tasting. We’re welcoming participants “into” our brewery from the safety and convenience of their home or office.

Let our highly-trained staff introduce you to the world of craft beer with a sneak peek of our production facility, and a guided tasting of our award-winning brews.

Your virtual tour includes an introduction to PCBC, a look in our brew house with an explanation of the brewing process, and finally a video of our bottling line in action. During the tour, we’ll introduce a selection of beers and provide tasting notes. Guests are welcome to sip and enjoy throughout the experience. We’ll wrap up with a Q & A and social time. While our experience is structured for time and information, each event can be unique to fit your needs and provide a quality experience for all your guests.

This experience also includes a variety 4-pack including a PCBC glass, bottle opener and other assorted merch/swag. We’re offering curbside pick up for the beer and we may be able to accommodate delivery.
The cost is $300 flat rate for the virtual event (max 100), and $10 per person for the beer.

Port City Brewing Company is an award-winning craft brewery and proud producer of an exciting line of hand-made, great quality, locally crafted beers. Its name comes from Alexandria’s rich and colorful origins as an important colonial seaport and later, a major brewing center home to the largest brewery in the southern United States. Port City Brewing Company is proud to revive, celebrate, and continue this rich brewing tradition right outside of our Nation’s Capital.