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Pedego Electric Bikes

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Explore the D.C. metro area the right way–on an electric bike from Pedego Alexandria!

Pedego Electric Bikes are the most user-friendly, comfortable and accessible transportation choice. Our shop is huddled in Old Town Alexandria, only a half-hour ride to the heart of D.C. and a 40 minute spin to Mount Vernon. Call to reserve a rental, or walk in to our store located right off King Street and the Mount Vernon Trail. All rentals include a lock and helmet. We will help you plan your route and connect you to local attractions.

Pedego Alexandria offers the following guided tours:

  • Old Town Alexandria and the surrounding area: During this 3-hour tour, you’ll experience the entire area in a way you never could before. Because we are on electric bikes, we’ll have time to see the major sites as well as some you won’t find on other tours.
  • Mount Vernon: This 4-hour ride and tour will include the beautiful ride along the Potomac River from Old Town to Mount Vernon and a ticket for admission into the estate. Riding a Pedego makes this tour possible for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Washington, D.C.: Take a 3 to 4 hour ride and tour of the major monuments and sites along the National Mall.
  • Old Town at Night: This 90 minute ride will take you on a ride across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, offering extraordinary nighttime views of Old Town, Washington and National Harbor. It’s an amazing site on a Pedego!
  • Pedego offers guided group tours around Alexandria and to both Mount Vernon and Washington, D.C. Tours can be customized to meet the needs and desires of the group.