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Negus Winery and Meadery Tasting Room

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Created by master winemaker, Gize Negussie, Negus Winery and Meadery Tasting Room opened in Alexandria, Virginia, in late fall 2023. It is the first and only honey wine tasting room in the US. Negus features Ethiopian Honey Wine, or Tej, brewed to taste just like the fermented honey wine Negussie’s mother made in Ethiopia for family gatherings and celebrations, and made on premises with modern fermentation processes and equipment. “Sip the Sweetness of Tradition.”

Guests can enjoy honey-wine tastings, wine flights, and purchase their favorites to enjoy at home. Private tours of the facility are available for groups of 6 or more.

The tasting room is located at 5509 Vine Street (off Van Dorn Street) in Alexandria, Virginia.