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Mount Purrnon Cat Café & Wine Bar

01 | 04

Inspired by Mount Vernon just down the road, Mount Purrnon Cat Café is an early-U.S. history themed cat cafe now open in Old Town Alexandria. Mount Purrnon houses 15 cats that are all up for adoption and offers food and drink as well. While here, guests can play with the cats, get work done via free Wi-Fi, learn more about the history of the area, or simply relax.

The open environment of the cat café provides a safe and fun location that allows cats to get out of cages, learn to socialize, and meet their new families. Cat cafés play a role in reducing euthanasia rates and helps crowded shelters rescue more cats.

Mount Purrnon Cat Café offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, cookies, and other snacks as well as coffee, tea, and soda. Mount Purrnon also plans to offer wine and beer in the future. Visit our website for a more detailed menu. Mount Purrnon is open every day except Tuesday.