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The Hour Shop

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For today’s host and hostess, the modern cocktail party is picking up where the mid-century left off. Home entertaining is all about being unique and having style. And that’s what The Hour is all about. By incorporating the artistry of cocktail items from the past with a curated selection of high quality new barware, our collection of vintage and modern barware and glassware encourages a sophisticated flair for today’s home bar.

With over 10,000 vintage cocktail-related items in stock, The Hour has one of the most extensive curated collections of vintage barware and cocktail glassware available in today’s marketplace. We have been collecting these items for more than 25 years, purchasing our pieces solely from flea markets, estate sales and at auctions. We take great pride in presenting the very best in vintage and modern cocktail ware and in sharing our knowledge about cocktails, cocktail culture, home entertaining and home bar styling.