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Frances Valentine

Frances Valentine is an American fashion and accessories brand out of New York City. Co-founders (and best friends) Elyce Arons and Kate Spade launched Frances Valentine, following their wildly successful foray into fashion with the one-and-only kate spade. You can think of Frances Valentine as the next chapter in the journey—a continuation of the joy-sparking, vintage-inspired, legendary style for which our founders are known and loved.

The Old Town boutique is one of seven stores in the U.S. and is dedicated to creating personal style in a mood-boosting, conversation-sparking, confidence-building celebration of a life and style.

At Frances Valentine, you will find clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories with heart, soul, and that inspire you to tell a story and feel good about yourself. Enjoy a leisurely visit to our shop, which we hope will become one of your favorite shopping spots in town.