Del Ray Cafe

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A sophisticated yet casual French café serving local, natural, and organic products in the heart of charming Del Ray. Serving breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, every day. Outdoor dining on screened porch. Rotiserrie chickens to-go. Parking lot in back.

Outdoor dining at Del Ray Café does not allow pets on the porch but the bike stands were selected specifically so dogs could easily be tied up and observed while dining on the porch. The water bowl is always full of fresh water.

Del Ray Café is especially well known by all of the neighborhood dogs (and their people) for its homemade dog treats. The yummy ingredients are: bacon, chicken liver, chicken stock, corn meal, flour, ketchup, & egg white. Small and large bags of treats are available for sale, however, all doggy neighbors receive a free treat as they pass Del Ray Café on their walks. The café has come to be known as the first place to check when doggy friends escape their homes!