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George Washington’s Mount Vernon

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Discover teambuilding activities at George Washington’s Mount Vernon!

The Situation Room: Washington’s Cabinet

In The Situation Room: Washington’s Cabinet, participants step into a 1790’s foreign policy crisis. Assuming the office of the President, cabinet members, senators, foreign ambassadors, and the press, participants actively determine the fate of the young United States; working with and against each other. The Situation Room puts your group’s communication, conflict resolution, and organizational leadership skills to the test.

Ideal for leadership off-sites and team building, this experience requires a group size of 24 to 54 participants and runs for a minimum of two hours (with the additional option of adding a tour of the Mount Vernon estate and museum).

Be Washington: It’s Your Turn to Lead

“Be Washington” is a new, cutting-edge interactive experience where you get to stand in the boots of George Washington, our nation’s first president and commander and chief. Ideal for leadership, team building and educational group programs, discover key moments in Washington’s life and experience the very challenges that Washington faced as the events of the Revolutionary War and presidency come alive on a massive 6K resolution screen in the state-of-the art Be Washington theater.  Work with Mount Vernon scholars and experts to craft a customize experience for your group’s specific interests.  For a truly immersive experience, add a tour of the Mount Vernon estate and museums and a lunch or dinner at the charming Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant.