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Alexandria Chamber of Commerce

The Alexandria Chamber of Commerce is an advocacy-based nonprofit organization and the cornerstone of our business community. Today, with more than 700 member businesses ranging from one-of-a-kind small businesses to leading global organizations, The Chamber ALX ensures a thriving future for Alexandria and welcomes all who do business here. We’re here to be your network, your champion, and your guide to building a more resilient business.

Our Chamber has a responsibility to make Alexandria the ideal place to work, live, and grow your business. As a member, The Chamber ALX becomes a channel to boost your brand, a resource to find opportunities and build relationships, and a seal of approval to give your business credibility in our community. Whether we’re advocating on behalf of businesses to local government, hosting events to connect you with others, or giving visibility to businesses and nonprofits that Alexandrians should know about—we’re working in your best interest.

Alexandria is one of the most culturally rich and unique small cities in the country—a place that attracts talent and tourists alike—and that relies on a balanced and engaged business community to continue shaping its future.

Establishing and growing a resilient business in Alexandria comes with its complexities, and The Chamber ALX will help you navigate them and set you up for success. As an advocate, we lend support for organizations to overcome growing pains and startup challenges, unexpected market shifts, and changes in regulations. Belonging to The Chamber ALX ensures that you can access the solutions that benefit your business and invest in the health of our entire business community.