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She’s Unique: 20% Off Online & Alternative Shopping Options

  • VALID March 18, 2020
  • 205 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia, 22314

She's Unique is offering 20% off online orders with code LOVELOCAL20, plus free shippings on all orders. You can also schedule a FaceTime/Instagram Chat appointment to see items in the store that are not online, or a one-on-one in-store appointment. Curbside pickup is also available.

These offers will be available until further notice.

She's Unique Jewelry Boutique offers the perfect blend of stylish jewelry by emerging domestic designers and one-of-a-kind style from around the world! We research the latest trends and work with a number of talented designers to showcase and bring our delicate, feminine and minimalist pieces to you. At She's Unique, we pride ourselves on selecting dainty and simple jewelry perfect for layering and enhancing your every day look. We love what we do, and strive to evolve with the seasons and carefully curate everything on our own to create a truly unique experience for our customers.

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