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Neighborhood Provisions: Bottled Cocktails

  • VALID April 13, 2020
  • 2000 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia, 22301

Neighborhood Provisions is offering bottled cocktails for $15 (serves 2-5). Options include the Classic Manhattan, Moscow Mule, Sunday Morning Spritz, Pineapple "Chartreuse" Rickey and more!

This offer will be available until further notice.

Neighborhood Provisions was created as an online delivery shop to satisfy your food, beer, wine, spirits and pantry needs. In these uncertain times, it’s a challenge to know what you want, and even harder to get what you need. Neighborhood Provisions hopes to make these decisions easy and access straightforward, with an evolving selection of prepared foods, ready-to-cook foods, provisions (flour, anyone?), wine and beer - and, in DC, spirits - all delivered to your door, distance maintained.

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