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Hummingbird: “An American in Paris” Wine Pack, Brunchy Bloody Marys

  • VALID April 10, 2020
  • 220 S. Union Street, Alexandria, Virginia, 22314

Hummingbird Bar + Kitchen is offering "An American in Paris" Wine Pack, which includes one American Chardonnay and three french wines: a Rhone, a Rose and a Sparkling, for $59. Add a Brunchy Bloody Mary Kit to your dinner bag order. for just $24 (makes four cocktails).

Guests can call 703-566-1355 or they can order online.

This offer will be available until further notice.

HUMMINGBIRD’s menu follows the rhythm of the seasons and celebrates the Seafood Pride of favorite coastal waters from Chesapeake Blue Crabs to Dublin Bay Prawns. The Blackboard Fish changes daily served with your choice of dipping sauces that arrive table-side in antique caddies. Surf and Turf finds a home in burger-form, local rib-eye steak drizzled with aioli and piled high with buttery lobster meat. Meat lovers can opt for the Brick Lemony Chicken or A Mick’s Grill, the Irish chef’s humor at play on his version of a Mixed Grill, a platter of grilled meats and sublime vegetables —  all from the barbie.

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