Take 5 with: The Bacon Brothers

Last year, The Bacon Brothers stole our hearts when they performed a pop-up concert at Sugar Shack Donuts to support a good cause. This summer, Michael and Kevin Bacon are coming back to Alexandria for a three-night stand at The Birchmere, and we had a chance to connect with the brotherly rock duo to ask what they love about Alexandria and what fans can expect while they play at The Birchmere from July 22-24, 2016. Here are our five takeaways from The Bacon Brothers:

1. Favorite Alexandria restaurants

When asked about their favorite restaurants in Alexandria, Michael and Kevin both picked Arlandria-neighborhood favorites. Michael said he usually eats at The Birchmere during their performances, while Kevin said “RT’s is fun, and close to the Birchmere.”

2. Favorite thing to do in Alexandria 

Both Bacon brothers agreed here, saying their favorite thing to do was head “downtown and take a walk down to the waterfront,” with Kevin pointing out, “it’s a good walking city and seems to be very dog-friendly.”

3. What to expect at The Birchmere shows 

This year, Kevin Bacon says they’ll bring some “new tunes and some old ones reworked” to The Birchmere. “We’ve reijggered about half the set with four new songs and a revisit of a few oldies,” Michael added. You can still score tickets for Friday, July 22 and Sunday, July 24 if you don’t already have them!

4. What to expect off the stage

Kevin Bacon said the pop-up show at Sugar Shack may have been their quirkiest show ever played for a good cause. Can fans expect The Bacon Brothers to explore more of Alexandria during their visit this summer? In an interview with Patch, the duo said fans can “absolutely!” expect sightings around town this year. Our tip? Michael told us “I think I’ll bring my roller blades this time,” so keep your eyes peeled for a guy speeding by on skates from July 22-24.

5. What’s next for The Bacon Brothers

The brothers told us they will be releasing new music videos soon, including one for their new song “Driver”. Keep an eye on their official news page for updates on new music and video releases.


For more information on The Bacon Brothers, click here. For more information on shows at the Birchmere, click here.


Header image credit The Bacon Brothers.

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