Video: Hollywood Comes to Old Town

This spring from May 19-25, the GI Film Festival, aka “Sundance for the Troops” made its way to the historic Old Town Theater in Old Town Alexandria, bringing with it more than 50 film screenings and premieres, as well as a star-studded red carpet. Did someone say Adam Driver? Yes, one of the new Star Wars: Episode VII’s stars was present, along with Gary Sinise from the much-loved Forest Gump, Michelle Monaghan and David Arquette (both of whom think “Alexandria is extraordinary,” because don’t we all?). Oh, and the Chief of Staff of the United States Army, Ray Odierno was present—no big deal, right?

While the streets crowded with film enthusiasts, talented celebs and curious passersby, all were present to honor the heroic films, documentaries and shorts, whose content highlighted combat from the Civil War to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the struggles and achievements of the men and women who served. Missed it? Not to worry! We put together our favorite clips highlighting just what went down when Old Town went Hollywood (hint: we still have stars in our eyes).



For more information on the GI Film Festival, check out their website.

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