Snouts & Stouts

At Snouts & Stouts, your dog will be able to run around our indoor dog park, off-leash, while you can sit back and relax with a beer in your hand. As dog owners who frequent the dog park, the biggest concern is always the weather. Rain? No dog park. Intense heat? No dog park. Intense cold? No dog park. Even if the weather is fine, our dogs always come home dirty and need a bath.

Well at Snouts & Stouts weather and dirt is never a concern! Our massive indoor dog park, with specialized K9 turf, means that no matter the weather, your dog will be able to play and not need a bath afterward. Indoor dog park? Won’t it smell? Nope! With our specialized K9 turf and flushing system, Snouts & Stouts won’t actually smell like a dog park, but will look exactly like one!

We will also have our own “Dog Patrol”, that will be walking around making sure all dogs are playing correctly, having fun, getting enough water, and picking up after them. This way you can relax and grab a drink!