International Spy Museum

01 | 04

At its new, 140,000 sq. ft. purpose-built facility, the completely reimagined International Spy Museum lifts the veil on the secret world of espionage using immersive exhibits, the world’s largest public display of international spy artifacts, and first-person accounts from real spies. The new Museum features state-of-the-art radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and interactive stations, inviting visitors to take on a cover identity and undertake their own spy missions.

Visitors will step in the shoes of a spy, learning the art of code-breaking, disguise, and concealment. Diving into espionage stories throughout the ages – ancient Greece and China to the thirteen American colonies during the Revolution to today’s social media and cyber threats – visitors will discover how spying has shaped world history and continues to impact us today. And they may even learn that many of the real stories of espionage are far stranger and more captivating than their favorite spy books and movies.