Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic with Progressive Hip Hop artist Christylez Bacon

WMP with Music Director Anna Binneweg showcase American music, including Christylez Bacon, Progressive Hip-Hop artist. The program boasts an impressive lineup, including:

VALERIE COLEMAN: Umoja, Anthem of Unity
EVAN MEIER & CHRISTYLEZ BACON: Migrations in Rhythm: a Concerto for Beatbox and Rhyme
FLORENCE PRICE: Symphony No. 1

We highlight The Migrations in Rhythm concerto, which draws inspiration from a variety of musical styles, including Hip-hop, Agbadza, ring shout, rumba, New Orleans jazz, funk, and Go-go, for a one-of-a-kind experience for the audience. The Anthem of Unity celebrates the Swahili word for “unity”. Originally intended as a simple family sing-along, “Umoja” has evolved into an uplifting anthem of togetherness. Finally, Florence Price’s Symphony No. 1 beautifully bridges Western classical traditions with Black musical idioms such as the Juba dance and spirituals.