Patty Lyons Workshops at fibre space!

Patty Lyons is coming to fibre space! Register now for these workshops:

Patty’s Knitting Bag of Tricks Lecture and Book Signing:

Learn how Patty took the hilarious journey from self-taught knitter (who did everything wrong, so she just made up her own way) to knitting teacher well known for teaching the “why”. We’ll take a trip through the process of building Patty’s Knitting Bag of Tricks book, which features over 70 must have knitting hacks.

Build a Better Fabric:
Saturday, December 3, 10 am – 1 pm

Does your knitting “row out” (your purl stitch looser than your knit stitch), are you looking for a better way to control your gauge? What about alternative ways to tension your yarn when working with stiff yarn or slippery yarn? We’ll explore ways to improve your knitting technique by looking at the most important fundamentals, like the job of the left needle tip and the right needle shaft, stitch sizing, and even the correct exit path of your stitch. We will explore edge stitches, cast on and bind offs and a huge array of knitting tip.

Circular Knitting Bag of Tricks
Saturday, December 3, 2-5 pm
Learn how to make a completely jog free cast on and bind off, as well as some truly magical jogless joins. There will be tips to avoid ladders from dpns and the weird tight stitch at the magic loop turn and so much more. We’ll even learn a trick for jogless Fair Isle! Finally, Patty will introduce you a faster way to swatch in the round, AND (extra credit, if time allows), even tricks to working W&T and German short rows in the round without the icky hole.

Advanced Knitting Fixes
Sunday, December 4, 11 am – 2 pm
Delve beyond picking up a dropped stitch into more major fixes. Do you feel like you make a bigger mess when trying to fix lace or shaping? Learn how to “tink” or un-knit increases and decreases without losing a stitch. Reverse a cable or add a missing cable many rows down. Fix common mistakes in lace such as a missing YO or a K2tog 3 rows down. Even learn how to shorten or lengthen your knitted piece. You have the power to fix without frogging!

Customizing Sweater Patterns
Sunday, December 4, 3-6 pm
How many times have you thought, ”I’d like that sweater but I wish it had … “. Learn the simple math to change basic sweater elements. Using a simple pattern as a base, we will work through changing a crew neck to a V neck, changing the sleeve length, adding waist shaping and more. Learn how working a sweater in a different gauge can be to your advantage. Make every sweater pattern your own!